Livin Room Orangery (Insulated Pelmet)

Insulated Pelmet

Our insulated pelmet system (formerly known as Livinroom) is suitable for a conservatory, orangery or extension. So, whatever shape your home improvement project will take, you’ll be able to create an interior equally as stunning as the outside. If you’ve not encountered the term insulated pelmet before, you’ll naturally want to find out more.

When installed as part of your conservatory roof, the ceiling pelmet sits internally around the perimeter of the room, giving the illusion of a flat roof with a lantern roof on top. The pelmet has a plastered finish and provides the perfect place to install spotlights and speakers. An insulated pelmet will provide more than just decorative value – it will also stop convection currents and keep your new room warm with its fully insulated cavity.

The internal pelmet is available in any depth between 300mm and 1200mm meaning you can enjoy the light of a conservatory the look of an orangery and the solid feel of an extension all in one great option. Not only will you gain added insulation, but you will also add ambience, with space for down-lighters, spotlights and speakers.