A Brief History of the UltraRoof380

The ‘380’ in Ultraroof380 refers to the box beam which is its most important component. The box beam is 380mm wide and runs around the perimeter of the roof sitting on window frames and walls. This box beam gives the Ultraroof 380 its super strength, so strong that it never needs a tie bar ever. We like to keep things simple at Ultraframe, so we’ve now dropped the ‘380’ from Ultraroof 380 brand name. Simply ask for Ultraroof.

The Ultraroof380: Enjoy Your Conservatory Year-Round

Enjoy the benefits of a solid and glass roof all at once by replacing your existing conservatory roof with the Ultraroof380. Its hybrid design allows for the inclusion of numerous glass panels or Velux windows – the choice is yours entirely and, either way, you’ll benefit from fantastic light penetration into your new room space.

Maintaining an optimum temperature in your conservatory is easy with the Ultraroof380. Its thermally efficient design means that it traps warm air where it is most needed during those colder autumn and winter months while preventing your room from overheating during summer when the sun is at its absolute peak.

The UltraRoof380 is light in weight, too. This is important because its design enables it to overcome obstacles typically presented by planning permission and building regulation rules. Because the UltraRoof380 has also been JHAI approved, you’ll be able to instruct your Ultra Installer to proceed with peace of mind.

The UltraRoof380 is Strong and Easy to Install

Because the UltraRoof380 is pre-manufactured off-site, your approved Ultra Installer will be able to install your replacement conservatory roof without causing any unnecessary disruption or unwanted mess. Although the installation process is quick, the quality of your Ultraframe product won’t be compromised – a water-impermeable installation can be achieved in as little as six hours.

Although the UltraRoof380 is incredibly strong, we’ll make sure that your new replacement roof can cope with any undue pressure that might be exerted on the frames of your conservatory by environmental conditions. To ensure the structural integrity of your new installation, we use NASA satellite data to anticipate snow and wind loading.


Internal plastered vaulted ceiling to add spotlights or pendant lighting
Fast to fit for less disruption at home
Full-length glass panels that flood the room with natural light
State of the art thermal performance roof
Fast to fit for less disruption at home
Lightweight tiled roof

Building Styles

Double hipped with box gutter
Victorian with equal facets
Hipped Lean-to/Lean-to
P and T shapes

Glazing Options

Ultra83B High Performance – the best UK roof glass
Performance Glass – self-cleaning/solar control

Colour Options

Velux roof windows can be used
Super-insulated columns
Curved cornice


All of our conservatory designs are accompanied with a comprehensive 10-year parts guarantee. Please check with your Approved UltraInstaller to find out what warranties they include with your installation.