UltraSKY Lantern


Let the light flood in!

With less bars, and slimmer bars vs other roof lanterns, the Ultrasky lantern has the style flexibility to respond to your design aspirations. If you’re building an extension or orangery a with a flat roof, a lantern helps to create a feeling of interior space, thanks to the natural light entering from above.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a dining room, living area, kitchen – or even a bedroom or bathroom; the Ultrasky roof lantern will support your creative ambitions and empower you to build a stylish room space that is perfect in every way.

Whatever style of property you own, the Ultrasky lantern roof will enhance it – meaning you’ll be able to create a traditional or modern effect. Your new room will look exactly the way you had envisioned it and improve your home’s market appeal and value.

A Stylish, Strong and Flexible Roof System

Rest assured that our Ultrasky lantern roof can respond to your design requirements. Its rectangular shape is available in a range of bespoke sizes that extend from 1000mm x 1500mm through to 4000m x 5850m.

Its incredible structural strength makes the lantern slimmer than its competitors for a minimalist design. Its ridge is stronger than that of any equivalent product; it uses fewer bars and wider spans and returns an IXX value of 2,226Kmm4.

You can also choose between internal uPVC or aluminium undercladdings, which are available in ‘white,’ or ‘grey’. Our aluminium glazing bar top caps are available in ‘chambered white,’ ‘anthracite grey’ or ‘satin black.’

Add Value to Your Home

Your new room is a big investment and with Ultrasky you can ensure a good return on your investment. When extending your home, the amount of natural light flooding into the room is extremely important as bright spaces add much more value than dark spaces. The slimline look of Ultrasky in conjunction with the optimal fixed 25° pitch is perfect for drawing in natural light over a kitchen island or dining table.

Because it’s been thoroughly wind tested, you’ll be able to depend on your roof’s triple layer storm shield protection and reduced bar frequency to resist harsh weather.

The structural integrity of your Ultrasky lantern will be underscored by outstanding heat retention performance, which is made possible by its thermally broken components which also eliminate any risk of condensation.

When fitted in a 1000mm x 2000mm configuration, this rooflight can return a U-value of 1.1. This is just one of the many benefits that make the Ultrasky lantern roof an enduringly-popular choice for homeowners.

A Range of Options to Choose From

Our Ultrasky lantern can be customised by adding a manual or automatic roof vent. This will allow you to control the temperature of your room and filter out warm air that would otherwise convert into condensation.

Depending on your budget and design preferences, your rooflight can be clad in aluminium or uPVC – externally and internally. Whichever material you choose, you won’t need to compromise on performance.