Residence 9

Residence 9 Windows are high-end timber effect uPVC windows, designed to perfectly replicate traditional flush sash hardwood windows. Their authentic looks make them the perfect replacement option for period properties or homes based in conservation areas. This 19th century flush sash replica has been welcomed in conservation areas by local councils and home owners alike.

R9 Windows

Luxury uPVC Windows

The Residence 9 window provide a class appearance without the high maintenance upkeep usually associated with wooden windows. Built to offer all the modern benefits of uPVC, our Residence 9 windows deliver high energy performances for maximum comfort.

It’s simple to find the perfect Residence 9 Windows for your Lincoln or Nottingham home, with the Residence 9 Window Designer. Look into the future and see how your colour choices best match our comprehensive range of hardware options, and choose a style that will blend beautifully with your home.

Alternatively, get in touch today – we’re always happy to discuss your design choices and ideas.

Residence 9 Graf-Welded Windows

Features & Benefits

High end timber effects combined with classic colours, finishes and accessories make our Residence 9 windows the ideal replacements for wooden windows. Features included traditional Monkey Tail handles, butt hinges, Georgian bars and authentic butt hinges for the perfect 19th century look.

Multi-Chambered Profile

Multi-Chambered Technology

Manufactured from an advanced 9-chambered uPVC profile, our Residence 9 windows offer superior thermal insulation. Our window profiles can also accommodate both double glazing and triple glazing for exceptional energy efficiency.

Irish Oak

Bespoke Colours

All our Residence 9 windows are available in heritage colours and finishes, with ‘easy-clean rebates.’ Dual colours are also available, allowing you to have different colours to be used on the inside and outside of the window.  This ensures the perfect match for your property, ensuring complementary colours for both the external appearance of your property and your inside décor.

R9 Jointed

Mechanically Jointed

Mechanically Jointed by our highly skilled craftsmen for a genuinely authentic look, our Residence 9 windows are virtually indistinguishable from standard flush sash timber windows. Our talented craftsmen use the traditional method of square cutting and butt jointing the outer sash and frame – a method commonly used in timber joinery.

StyleLine Graf-Welded Doors

Beautiful Seamless Weld

Our trade company Sternfenster uses state-of-the-art machinery to ensure a high quality seamless welded finish. This ensures all of our Residence 9 windows have a super sleek frame, resulting in slim sightlines as well as a sturdier frame.

residence 9 nottingham

Standard Welded Sash

We are also able to supply Residence 9 windows with conventionally welded sashes and traditional butt joints for the outer frame. This finish is just as authentic as the seamless weld but suits home owners looking for a more standard window frame.

Residence 9 Windows

Why Choose Our Residence 9 Windows?

  • Highly Customisable design
  • We offer a range of colours and wood finishes, including an option of dual colours
  • Designed for wide range of properties including town houses, cottages and period properties
  • Suitable for both double and triple glazing
  • Traditional Monkey Tail and Pear Drop handles in a choice if classic colours
  • Achieved one of the highest classifications for weather resistance due an extremely robust design.

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