Adding Elegance to the Ultraframe Classic Conservatory Roof System


Cornice is the latest in a long line of innovations from Ultraframe.

Along with other recent innovations for the Classic conservatory roof, our purpose is to offer alternative or upgraded aesthetics to the standard roof. Aluminium Cornice can be ordered in a virtually infinite variety of colours and paint finishes, making it the perfect complement to standard white/woodgrain roofs – in addition, why not try Cornice with one of the five standard coloured foil roof range.


And for those seeking the ultimate in upgrade opportunities, adding the aluminium Cornice to the Classic full aluminium roof is it. Cornice now comes with die cast powder coated aluminium 90 external corners and 135 degree facet corners – with the aim of helping fitters on site achieve the ultimate in neat detailing.

Cornice can be used on either the standard eaves beam or the super duty eaves beam and is assembled in three section to add a further degree of elegance to the Classic conservatory roof. Cornice shrouds the existing Classic gutter, in effect hiding the ends of the glazing bars to provide smooth clean lines at the eaves interface. Naturally you can specify Cornice on all new Classic conservatorty roofs but you can also retro fit it to existing roofs, providing a further opportunity, if you need it .

New Product update

Ultraframe is further developing its Cornice product. Following on from die cast powder coated corner covers in 90 and 135 angles,they now offer an outlet cover which creatively integrates drainage into the design.

This outlet design is necessary when Cornice is being used on brickwork piers, as is ofton the case with Orangeries and of course the new LivinRoom product.The Cornice outlet cover is a cost option.